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Welcome artists, writers, thinkers and whoever wants to make his/her own crystal gem! But this is more than a wiki... i'ts your own imagination! There are offers that you can do to get other cool stuff like:

  • Create a gem and get a GIF of your own character doing something! I'll keep it secret until you create one---!

Create 3 characters and get a GIF of them hugging, you like :)

Whats Cute

The cutest things going on in this wiki!:

 Top 5 Editors of the Month

Since I am the founder of this wiki, me (HGartist), I will only put editor's names and user photo UNDER HIS / HER PERMISSION! The more you edit, the more you rock! Who knows, you could actually see yourself here :)


  1. Owenbretts
  2. HGartist
  3. Ylimegirl

New Fact Pages

These are new fact pages about the current characters in the wiki. The facts on the main gem's pages (Garnet,Amethyst,Pearl,Steven,Rose,Peridot,Lapis,Jasper) are actually true and only fanon facts about these gems can be added following these rules.

Garnet - Pearl - Rose - Peridot - Spinel - Sinhalite - Carbuncle - Tanzanite - Jade - Jet - Fire - Opal - Tiger Eye

Amethyst - Steven - Lapis Lazuli - Jasper - Turquoise - Tourmaline - Diamond - Amazonite - Moonstone - Zircon - Rhodolite - Rhodochrosite

Team Facts

Crystal Gems - Spy Gems - Element Gems - Homeworld Gems - Legendary Gems - Dooms

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What are the rules?

Gemstona's Staff

This is the current staff in the wiki.It can change and you can be part of it!

Featured Character


Topaz is a reccuring fanon crystal gem created to reflect my personality like Rhodolite. Read more

Featured Gemstone


This month's birthstone is Sapphire, and Sapphire is also a member of the Crystal Gems. Read more / read about the gemstone


Please be aware that users under 13 years old are not allowed to edit/comment, but if you are 13 and above, click here to sign up if you are not a wikian,to edit and comment.Click here to upload something!Have fun! By User:HGartist


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